DJay Pro 2.0.9

When I open DJay Pro 2.0.9 the decks are missing. How do I get them back?
I’m running Mojave on a Touch Bar 2017 laptop with 2TB hard drive and RAM maxed out.

2.0.8 runs perfectly - no problems at all.


Hi there, 

can you please tell us exactly which macOS you are using?
Is it possible that you are running the latest macOS beta?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi Joseph,

thank you very much for your detailed feedback.

We are aware of this issue and our fix is live just now.

Make sure you update to djay Pro 2.0.10 and everything should be back to normal.

In general, we can not assure a perfectly running djay software on macOS betas from the first day they were launched.

It is in our interest to get informed about flaws with new macOS betas so we can provide fixes as fast as possible.

Thank you for getting in touch, we would love to hear from you again.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Cheers,Lukas E.

It started during 12.1 Beta 4, but continues on now with beta 5. I work for Apples beta department. Other than issues everyone’s encountered using DJay Pro 1 and now 2, I have never had a problem running any versions while testing MacOS betas. I just want to state that upfront.

That said…

Because DJay Pro 2.0.9 was running fine, I initially ruled out it being a “beta issue” because it had been functioning fine since the “automatic update”.

In fact we had done 13 straight hours (7 hours on Saturday , 6 hours on Sunday) of checking and comparing cue points and playlist layouts in both versions to make sure they match, in preparation for moving exclusively to DJjay Pro 2. Then when I closed it and opened it back up the next morning - GONE. Like literally just gone!

I was convinced it was something we did (not that we did anything - we were asleep) but if something’s working then not, 90% of the time it’s “user error”.

But in this case, after contacting the beta director personally and asking for time away from my scheduled beta tests to try to determine if this was Apple related (that was the angle I used to get permission to start beta testing it) it kept pointing back to DJay Pro 2.

Like I said it WAS working fine through all previous betas. Had it not stopped functioning correctly literally overnight I could have blamed MacOS but I spent an entire day beta testing DJay Pro 2 - eradicating it and DJay Pro from two machines. Then reinstalling starting with DJAY Pro, testing each stage of functionality, before moving on to DJay Pro 2- the same techniques we (Apple) would test our own software.

Unfortunately when I reinstalled DJay Pro 2 - no special tweaking just a straight install, including allowing it to import from DJay Pro, same exact result no decks or turntables. Also to access to special function buttons either as you can see in the screen shot.

What struck me odd was: if ANYTHING the pointing to music, libraries, etc should have been the thing missing because it involves pointing to “the outside world”, but instead is was DJay Pro 2 missing, allowing the outside world to stay in tact. Just no way to access the decks to play them on. Odd

I actually had to document every single minute and send in the report to the director, which is policy when straying from the assigned departmental work. However, without access to the actual code I am not able to check to see if there’s something “missing”.

So there’s a starting point for your team. That’s what we (at Apple) have done to determine possible causes. Now it’s up to you guys to see why? Again it WAS working fine. Then the next morning not

Also… I don’t know why this is… maybe you guys pulled it… but when we wiped everything and installed 2.0.8 when we went into UPDATES through the APP store it would not update to 2.0.9. Again maybe you pulled it for other reasons, but in order to “get it back”, we had to use the copy of 2.0.9 on our SuperDuper backup. Updates would only download 2.0.8