Djay Pro 2.05 4 deck display (No Pitch and Mixer)

Djay Pro 2.05
why did you remove the pitch display next to the waveforms in the 4 deck display?
For me it is a problem not being able to view those commands and the library at the same time, you can not enter an option to choose the previous view?

“improved layout of 4 deck view with vertical waveforms”…

Hey Lukas,
I agree, Great job on your updates.
I have to say I disagree with all that real estate for those wave form.
Think about it, the wave forms are like a 10th smaller on the iPhone. Is not that I don’t value the team’s opinion, in my opinion the waveforms themselves need not to be that size. I personally don’t even touch them at all unless I’m setting Cue Points.
All said and done, the Djay App suite are great products.

I could never understand why the waveforms ever have to be so space consuming.

I also prefer the 4 deck view that is missing from the djay Pro 2.0.5 update.

Even though you can access the pitch controls and volume controls back by using the tools view, that view takes up so much space that I can only see 4 songs in the song selection area which is not enough for my DJ work.

Also, I really need more of the song titles to show up in the 4 deck view. It only shows the first 12-14 characters in each deck. This makes it difficult to impossible in identifying which deck has which song loaded when the song titles are similar.

I really need these features for my DJ work.

Hi there,

first off thank you for your feedback on our latest djay Pro 2 update.

We decided to have more space for you and the waveforms while bing in the 4 deck mode.

We value your feedback a lot, please feel to share your feedback.

I meant this view that was removed with the 2.05 update

even the artist’s name would not be bad in the display with 4 vertical decks.
Maybe some more options for configuring the fields.

One of the things I liked in DJay Pro 2 for Mac (which I remember does not have the Touch Screen) unlike Ipad I had was the volume and Pitch next to the waveforms in the vertical 4 Deck view.
I appreciate the update made and your work, but among all the problems or other that have been reported in the forum does not seem to me that anyone has asked for this change.
At this point I ask the possibility to choose with a button the previous view with the controls or the current one with the only waveforms,
When working with the PC without Touch Screen and with controller it is better to have more commands giving space at the same time to the Library which is now suffocated by the Mixer display to have Volume and Pitch.

Yours sincerely

Hello, last night I made an evening and I add that when you switch from the visual library expanded to normal or activate the mixer and remove it, the waveforms are not immediately visible, but the view is updated with a lag. if there are 4 loaded tracks we first see the track 3 then the 1 the 2 and the 4, practically from left to right. It’s quite annoying it seems to have a slow PC and I own a Macbook Pro 2017.

Updated to 2.0.6 all the same. Also the obvious problem of the visual update delay of the waveforms

Here is someone finally reporting this discomfort, can you re-enter the display with the faders? All the visuals of now with 4 Decks are useless on MAC without Touch Screen. And I connect to this problem never solved even with the latest version, which would not exist with the old view as I would not be forced to view and remove parts of the interface.…

this interface made more sense, the main controls visible and space for the music library

Hello, In the new version with the 4 deck view, where are the volume faders for each track??? I only see a display with a small gain knob at the top, with no fader for volume?

With mac version, 4 track view, Where are the volume faders located for each track in the new version?? I only see a gain control knob. Please help!!

I agree!!

I still dont understand where the volume controls are? Tools view?

Yes how can you remove something so important as volume fader!!!??? I DJ on the radio and need that because one of the tracks i use as a bed to announcing and need the volume half way down. Doesnt make sense to me at all

Yes!! Algoriddim, Please have another update to at least give us the OPTION for this layout! Thanks
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