djay Pro 2.1 Start points

Am I the only one having issues with “Automatically jump to start point” in the update? I have a lot of start points saved, the box is checked in settings, but it always just starts at the beginning of the track.

DJay Pro 2 Mac 2.1.3

Songs loads fine here.
Jason, for me actually it is A.I. that is responsible for in-proper loading and releasing of songs since it was release.
I have posted this 2 yrs ago with no solution.
When using automix, the track will load to the A.I.'s starting point.
BUT, the song will actually start at the users Set Point.
Problem is that End Cue Point will be overwritten by A.I. if the A.I.'s End Cue Point is before the Users End Cue Point.

Yes! Songs no longer load at your own start points, which also completely breaks the automix feature for me. This all started with version 2.1.

Hi Lukas, I noticed this with 2.1.2 as well as 2.1.3, on Mac OSX 10.14.6 with *all* tracks. I see the same track loading behavior (start points ignored) either when using Automix or when manually loading tracks onto a deck, despite the “jump to song start point” setting.

I’m posting here just in case these issues are related. I just upgraded to Djay Pro 2.1.3. In previous versions of Djay Pro I used the “jump to endpoint” feature, using the “t” and “y” keyboard shortcuts. In the past this feature took me to very near the end of a track. However, in Djay Pro 2.1.3 the “jump to endpoint” function plays from the start of my tracks instead. I notice this behavior on all tracks in my library.

Does anyone else experience this problem, and if so is this fixable? Thanks for your help!

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear that. Is this the case with all your tracks? Could you please tell us the exact djay version you are using?