djay Pro 2 and Reloop Mix 2 // Master & PreCue not working

Hey guys!

I just got a new, well not so new, Reloop Mix 2. Since the Serato software is garbage and I always used djay pro2 before, I wanted to keep on this.

Whatever. I connected my speakers with the master output of my Reloop Mix 2 at the back and my headphones with the phones output in the front. After I was connecting the controller with my MacBook. The popup appeared and showed me Master/PreCue with “Terminal Mix 2” preselected. So far so fine…

But if I start playing a song there is no sound output. The interesstin part is, if I switch my settings, there appears a sound on the headphones for like 1/10 of a second.

Hope you can help me! If you need more information, please ask! Thanks guys!

Hi HK, Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear that. Are the pre cueing controls on the the Mix 2 setup correctly? What do you mean by switching your settings?