Djay Pro 2 Automix and Queue Issue

I have used djay for years now, and Pro since it came out. I played with the trial of Pro 2 and decided to buy. Tried it out at my bar gig last night and am confused on how Automix and Queue work together.

What I’ve done in past versions:

  • Start automix on my default bar playlist.
  • Add songs to queue that I want to hear.
  • If nothing in the queue it pulls from playlist.

How it seems to work in Pro 2:

  • Start automix on my default playlist.
  • Add songs to queue, that just sit there.
  • Add a song to automix, which then sometimes switches it to whatever playlist that song came from.
  • Queue still just sits there.

In my opinion queue should trump automix. I was really excited to have a search window, my automix playlist window, and my queue. Please tell me I’m doing something wrong.

In the previous version of DJ Pro, you could “add song to queue” and it would add it to the bottom of the list of the automix. That no longer works.

Actually, right clicking to add a song to the Queue does NOT work using the manual Automix list. My computer is the 2014 MacBook Air running the latest version of Mojave.

It seems like this product needed more real world testing before you released it.

Yes but it would be really nice if I don’t have a song in the Automix Queue for it to keep playing, not throw up an error message and stop the music.

That is an understatement! If only there was anyone that used it that could beta test it for them… The frustrating thing is it has been a year, their support has been lackluster and changes minimal.

You went through all that for a screen shot?
Why not grab your phone right next to you and take a pic?

Glad your happy with virtual dj. Bye bye then

You still here Peter?
Cmon man. The whole point of this site is to post what’s wrong so that we all can get somewhere together. Go mix or something.

IMHO you should be able to set the source like on the DJay iPhone version. I would have expected it to pull from queue. But if you were playing a song from library and not in a play list it would just play the next song in the library. (that could be pretty random)

I do get that I can drag things over to the special auto mix queue. Maybe it is just a matter of getting used to it but it really is (at least me me) unexpected behavior.

I think if you had an option in preferences to say preferred source that would be valuable. Maybe even a multi priority. So I could say 1st pull from here, 2nd pull from here, 3rd pull from here. That way everyone can get what they want. One of those options could also be don’t pull from anywhere as a 2nd or 3rd option. In that case the music stops if it gets that far.

Hi there,

there is a new designated Automix Queue in the Automix Window.
The normal Queue is more a mixing playlist if you are mixing without the Automix and want to setup a session playlist.

We are aware of the missing “add song to queue” dropdown menu and will provide a fix.

Till then you can use the right click add song to queue option.

Hi guys,

thank you for your further feedback. We added your request to also add a “add to Automix list” option. We value your feedback a lot and will do our best in order to provide this feature soon.

A similar issue here. I recently purchased djay2 for iPhone. I’ve added my Spotify playlist (177 songs) to the queue. Then, added the 1st song from the queue into left desk. Play and started Automix. Somehow, Automix will queue the rest of songs that are not in the queue. It seems like Automix is picking the songs directly from Spotify instead of the queue. Any ideas or incorrect settings on my end?

Hi Lukas

I can see that that the Automix will enable you to play a playlist and is good to indicate which tunes have been played already allowing you to remove them

I have the similar question
I can see that
By double clicking onto the tune on he queue then current play list becomes the queue
When the queue has played the last tune it repeats the last two tunes (previously a note came up that there were no tunes in the queue)
I would have expected that that when the last tune in the queue had been played the auto mix would revert to the auto mix list.

How do I make it so I can drap and drop songs into my mix from the que? It’s not working for me since updating to Pro 2, please help

Why can’t this be as SIMPLE AS MIXMEISTER???

On the LEFT: MY SONGS, on the RIGHT, my playlist (queue). SIMPLE!

Where the HELL is the damn button to SHOW the DAMN QUEUE for gods sakes?

I’m a sr. software engineer and a DJ for 30 years and your software is NOT user friendly. MIXMEISTER “IS”!

Please explain to me why you simply can have the QUEUE act as AUTOMIX where each song simply has a MIX STYLE like Mixmeister: SIMPLE CROSSFADE, BEAT MIX 8, 16, 32, PING PONG, BASS MATCH… etc.

Why make this damn software so DAMN difficult?

I had to restart my computer because, and I’ll tell you how much of a memory hog DJAY PRO 2 is, I tried to SCREEN CAP what I wanted to show you in comparison to MixMeister, but the windows SNIPPET tool locked up in the process of your software being captured. Not only on ONE SCREEN but it Locked me out of BOTH screens I have. What happened was that since you do not operate your software in a NORMAL windows program viewport and HIDE the min, normal and max buttons in the upper right, the snippet tool couldn’t detect where I wanted to screen capture.

I CTRL-ALT-DEL for the Task Manager and when I clicked that, it NEVER showed up. Your software LOCKED ME OUT completely. YEAH, I’m PISSED!!! I had to CTRL-ALT-DEL and SIGN OUT to get back my machine. And for someone that designs software for a living since 1994, probably LONG before all of you at ALOGRIDDIM were even BORN, that says a lot. YOUR SOFTWARE SUCKS and is a memory hog! MASSIVE MEMORY HOG! There’s latency issues, whereby when I move my mouse to SCROLL through the music, it delays from 1 - 5 seconds.I can go on and on and on… also, if I have folders, I don’t necessarily want to drill into each folder, I want to see EVERYTHING UNDER that folder including all the sub folders and yet, with over 300 sub folders for Smooth Jazz for example, I see NOTHING. Why make your software so damn HARD?

When I design software and I’ve worked for T-Mobile, Frontier, Concurrent Computer Corporation and DELL EMC Technologies, I design with the mantra: EASY, INTUITIVE and TIME-SAVING! Your software FAILS on three of those tests.

DESIGN from a STANDPOINT of a USER not a CODER! I work from that respect and believe me, you’ll go farther with greater software that meets and exceeds that criteria.



Because I needed to GO THROUGH ALL that “FOR” the screen shot. I don’t use the phone to take a pic, then have to plug the phone into my computer, then move/copy it, since you CANNOT push a pic from your phone to upload.

BTW, I use caps for emphasis and not yelling… wanted to clear that up immediately. I’m using Virtual DJ now. Very cool, a better, easy, platform and MixMeister is a MEMORY HOG! Sorry, but I wasted my money with DJ Pro.

That’s why I moved to VIRTUAL DJ!!! IT’s 100% FREE!!! GET IT And DUMP THIS POS!