Djay Pro 2 - Batch library analysis not working

Does Djay pro 2 do Batch analysis for Spotify tracks ?

when I try to do it, it says it was already analyzed without doing it.

it says it is, but not showing information and grid

see the image on de reply below

it was possible to do it in djay pro 1!

how can I downgrade from pro 2 to pro 1? the 2 has to much bugs and I already sent an email how to do this and had no response

on dj pro 1 i can do it although algorithm say it is not, on day pro 2 it is not possible.

don’t know if it had any change on this since i am no longer using the app as main dj fotware for the last month.

Tracks are already analyzed.

Hi anadalin,

please note that you can not pre analyse Spotify sourced tracks.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Is it now possible to pre-analyse spotifty songs?

i think you have to play the song for it to give you key and BPM. Which is the actual info i think you want. i would like them to make it possible to not have to play every song.