DJay Pro 2 Cyrrilic tg issue!

Just the one.
The 1-st build of DJay Pro could see the cyrrillic tags, 2-nd - nope!

Ok! I’ll give you some screens with mp3-library cyrillic (russian )tags ID3v2.4 UTF-8 included. And the one track without any tag and reads russian names of track, but it’s not correct.

P.S. version of build DJay Pro 2 2.0.3 doesn’t solve this issue. ;( Using trial, but it makes me MAD and I can’t buy it because of it!

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Hi Andy,

thank you for your mail.
Which tags are you referring to exactly?

Hi there,

thank you for your replies, could you send us exemplary songs (please the file)which are not being displayed correctly and the exact djay version in this is happening via

It appears that our test files at the office are displayed correctly in djay Pro 2 for Mac and djay Pro for Windows.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

what would you think about answering the questions of windows users too?

I have the same problem.
I’ve bought Djay pro 1 and Djay Pro 2 from MAC AppStore. Djay Pro 1 correctly show Cyrillic song names. But Djay Pro 2 not. Please fix it in next update.

I see my cyryllic Name from Facebook not correctly displayed here in forum.

May be problem with font???

Still waiting for fix this in new update …

the first version of the program reads all the fonts normally

Good afternoon, I want to ask, has an updated version of the program been released, where is the Russian language normally displayed?

looks exactly the same as above in the photo