Djay Pro 2 data import not working

I just purchased Djay Pro 2 from the app store. It prompted me to import data from Djay Pro 1 but none of the data transferred. There are no cue points, history, etc. I tried deleting the folder and reinstalling but no luck.

Djay Pro 2 is somewhat useless without this data. Can someone help?

Sorry to hear about the trouble. After you deleted the folder and reinstalled where you prompted again to import the data into djay Pro 2? And when you launch the older djay Pro 1 all the data is there, correct?

Can you please check if there are any errors from djay in the Console app when you trigger the data migration in djay Pro 2 when prompted?

Here is how to retrieve Console output for an app on macOS:

  • Open the Console application (from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder).
  • Click the leftmost button in the toolbar to show the sidebar, if it’s hidden.
  • Select All Messages in the tab bar.
  • If the Activities button in the toolbar is enabled with a blue icon, click it to turn this off.
  • Switch back to our djay, and try to trigger the issue. This should print some output to the Console.
  • Return to the Console, and select the recent error messages from the main window, or from the Menu Bar choose Edit ▸ Select All.
  • From the Menu Bar, choose Edit ▸ Copy. Then, open the TextEdit application and - - Paste the copied logs into a new plain text document.
  • Save the text document in .txt format, and attach this to your response so we can investigate further.

Feel free to send the txt file to

Yes, after deleting the djay Pro 2 folder and relaunching the app, I am prompted to import the data. I click import but the data does not transfer from djay Pro 1 to djay Pro 2.

Data still exists for older djay Pro 1.