Djay Pro 2 did not import my history from Djay Pro 1 ?

Just installed DJAY Pro 2 but it did not import my history from DJAY Pro 1 , how can I import/copy/paste manually ? Urgent !

Here were the instructions I was given to reimport djay one data.
It appeared to work for me. Note I was trying to get samples back but I think this is also what brought back my history.

“delete the “djay Pro” folder inside your “Music” folder to enable re-importing data from djay Pro 1. This folder contains data from djay Pro 2 only, so deleting this folder will have no effect on your djay Pro 1 data.*”

then import data from Djay 1.

Note if You have a whole bunch of new data in DJay 2 you need this may not be for you. But if you just barely fired up 2 there should not be much there.