Djay Pro 2 for Win 10 - cant download it from Windows Store!

I´ve bought de paid version app for Windows about 2 years ago, have been trying to download and put it to work on my Windows 10, which I just installed on my PC, and the only way to do it is thru Windows Store, which just doesn’t work at all!

Does someone have the same problem?? Help!!!

Hi @Synapsys_Music,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Is djay not showing up in your previously purchased app library in the Windows App Store?

Additionally, the following guide below may be of some use when reinstalling past purchases.

Have a great day!

Not exactly. At Windows Store, after searching for my Djay2 Purchase, I
manage to locate it.
HOwever, when I click it, the next dialog window shows up, but when I try
to proceed with its installation, nothing happens beyond that.
I already checked everything. The setup process just won´t go beyond this

Is that what is happening (or not happening, in case).

Hi @Synapsys_Music,

If you’re having trouble downloading and installing djay Pro from the Microsoft Store, you’ll need to contact Microsoft Store Support directly for further assistance. They can help you with that process directly as they handle all sales and purchase related issues. Thanks for your understanding!

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