DJay Pro 2 for windows?

Will there be DJay Pro 2 on windows with all the fixes?

They should first fix the issue, how to trust any company which is producing such a garbage software on Windows when you see how good the Mac version works.

ALGORIDDIM, when can we use the WIndows version without issues ?

It is long time i was waiting for an update but i am shocked, still nothing, so i stay on Serato/Traktor;

By the way, even Traktor has started to make updates, Djay pro is the only software not getting updates on pc……

I could imagine that we will soon get djay pro 2 for windows, which will basically be just a modified user interface. underneath that will be the same sh*t program we already have.

looks like i was totally wrong lol. we get a shit

we have got an update a few weeks ago. but it is not really extensively.…

it is not even 1/3 as extensive as the last update for mac. and between the
last two updates for mac are only 3 months. while it was almost 12 months for windows.

really not nice how algoriddim continue fool us here.

I mean we paid the same price for the software as the users on the Mac. I expected that they at least try to get both versions to the same level. like it is self-evident on all other dj programs or general cross-platform software.

awesome! thanks a lot algoriddim