djay Pro 2: I'm having some troubles with the recordings.

Hi there,

I recently started recording some bits with djay Pro 2, and I noticed two things that bothered me:

  1. I can’t go to another timestamp in the recording. I can press play and that’s it. Nothing else.
  2. The bigger problem: I can’t place a recording on a deck. I used to be able to do this in the first djay Pro, but now I can’t anymore. Of course, I can first open it in iTunes, and then treat it as a “song”, but that’s a bit stupid, if you ask me.

I’m hoping this will be resolved soon.
Kind regards,

 Hi Mathias,

thank you for your post.

I will go through your issues one by one.

  1. I am very sorry but could you give me more information, is this with every recording? How long are the recordings?
  2. Thank you for pointing this out. I added this to our issue tracking system and we are working on a fix for the next update.

Lukas E. 

Hi Lukas, thanks for the reply.

For the first problem:
My recordings are about ten minutes long. I’ve noticed I have no problems with the most recent recording (I can do anything I want with them - apart from placing them in a deck, of course), all the rest I can only play and pause.

Kind regards,