Djay Pro 2 incorrectly analyzes the keys of Spotify tracks

While Spotify integration in Djay Pro 2 is great, it has a fatal flaw: the key for tracks are almost always incorrect. Key mixing is a critical part of DJing and I hope this can be fixed with some sort of expediency; I’ve looked back and seen this has been an issue for years.

I’ve also noticed this, and it makes it nearly impossible to DJ with spotify tracks inside of djay.

If we could add comments to spotify tracks (just inside of djay), then we could at least add the correct keys in the comment field using online resources like to find the values. But Djay doesn’t currently let you add tags to spotify tracks.

It seems Djay is already storing copies of tags for your own local music files, instead of just reading from the files each time, as evidenced by….

So, since djay is already storing info about local tracks, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too hard for Djay to do the same with spotify tracks…

Anyways, I’d had to start purchasing all my tracks and migrate away from using spotify tracks in djay (Mac), because of the bad key detection for spotify tracks along with the inability to manually fix the key or other fields (like “Comment”) for those spotify tracks in djay.

This is the whole reason why I’m not buying the software too. Spotify integration is great and all, but having the correct keys is kind of essential.