DJay Pro 2 is an amazing bit of software.

Everyone is raving about the Automix AI … but for me this is like buying the latest BMW and focussing on the new design cup holder. The most impressive parts of this software upgrade are under the hood.

  • Saved Loops
  • Cue Loops
  • Post Fader Effects
  • Echo that is long enough to “echo out”
  • Filter that sounds sweet.
  • Proper IN/OUT Looping

OK … I’m not so keen on the fuzzy waveforms and iCloud syncing is a big loss … but the rest of the software is exactly what we’ve been asking for.

Thank you Agoriddim!

Hi Lukas … I already shared my feedback about the waveforms and syncing with Frederik on the beta forum :slight_smile:


thank you for the nice words.
We appreciate your feedback. 
Can you give us more information about the iffy waveforms and the iCloud syncing?

Cheers,Lukas E. 

I fully agree on the waveforms. They are non HD and not as specific as the old ones. Overall great software but a few quirks for sure. This is one of them.

amigo preguntas, yo tengo el dj pro1 y quiero comprar la nueva version ósea la 2 al instalar la 2 cae sobre la 1 o es totalmente por aparte?.. se pierde todo lo que uno tiene marcado?