Djay pro 2 last upgrade

Djay pro 2 upgrade 2.2.5 has a bug with the latency, has anyone else experience this?

Hi @Anthony1,

Could you tell us further what latency you are experiencing and with which devices?

I’m have trouble with djay pro2 on my MacBook Pro and I-pad Pro. When i do the baby scratch there is a pause while I’m scratching. It does it on the Mac Pro and I-pad Pro. I also used my serato to check to make sure it wasn’t my computer. It worked fine on serato but I don’t use that system.

Hi @Anthony1

It would be great to get as much information as possible. Which controller are you using in combination with djay Pro 2 for Mac and on your iOS device. Have you also updated the iPad version in the past?

am also having the same problem of bug in the latest update 2.2.5.It’s takes time to load a music.When pressed any button its also takes time before its works.
scratching too takes time.
its all happened on my imac and macbook pro.
tried with djay 2 and its ok
please check and do an update,its really ruined my gig yesterday

There is a problem djay pro 2 for Mac & I-Pad I have updated both. I use mixon 4, DDJ-SX3, and wego 4. Same results for all. August had 2 updates one of them is bad I think Because I didn’t have this problem before.

Am using Vestax VCI 400 controller.
Please we need update urgently thanks

I have the same issue playing videos. I can’t use it. Sometimes works but I soon I connect the HDMI in my computer the software crashes.

Btw I use a PowerBook Pro I7 and DDj-SX2 and DDj-SB2

There is definitely something not quite right with the latest djay pro 2 update with regard to overall performance and latency.

Using a Denon DJ MC-40000 controller linked to a Mac mini i5 with 16gb ram and SSD, not only is there a delay between moving the cross-fader say when scratching, but also when scrolling through your music collection using the controller knob. The waveform graphics seem to be jerking rather than smooth.

No delays, latency or waveform issues when using the same set-up on Serato Pro.

Lol thank you this is what I’m have been trying to say.

There has always been a problem with latency on this app. I can tell as i am a keen scratch dj and have never been able to use this app to scratch correctly.

I haven’t had problems with the scratching until a couple of weeks ago

There has always been a delay with mine so its been impossible. Using ddj wego 4 with ipad pro 12 inch