DJAY Pro 2 - Maximize Space On Screen

I am a long time user of DJAY Pro. I DJ weddings with it and parties and have always thought it as a product up to par with any competitors and superior in many ways. I prefer it and use it exclusively with my mac. I just got Pro 2 and like many of the changes but do have 2 recommendations that annoy me to know end which may inhibit me from using the product.
#1 - The old DJAY pro (On a MacBook) could display up to 10 tracks at a time. As far as I can show DJAY pro 2 can only show 6 and with the album art. Now when you show the cue points, you can only have up to 3 tracks shown. Think about that, on the old DJAY Pro I could see the cue points and still see up to 7 tracks more than the new one. That is a deal breaker for me.
#2 - I actually prefer the old waveforms better. They distinguished themselves from the competitors and actually had more of an HD feel. I bet you cannot change that but I certainly prefer the old ones.

The rest of the changes are nice but until this can be remedied I will still use the original DJ Pro. Thanks.

I agree with both points.

For #2 I would add that the new waveform graphics work best with EDM or other music with a clear beat … other, more musical somgs look messy and fuzzy.

I fully agree with you on this point. But in general the other wave forms were easier to read, looked cleaner, and HD. They could have had an option to have it both ways. Looks too much like the major competitor to me.