Djay Pro 2 not loading Spotify tracks

So I have had this recurring problem from the first Djay Pro software. Half way through my mix, about an hour or so, when I try to load a spotify track it goes blank. The track seems to slowly load at first getting slower with each track that I load then the software just freezes. I cant use my decks or mouse to click anything and I have to restart the software.

My internet connection is stable @ 20mbps
I have 8gb RAM and flushing caches doesn’t seem to help.

Anyone having the same issue?
I just want to play for more than an hour without having to restart the software mid mix.

Do you have a Premium account? If you have an active Premium account, you can mix Spotify music with Djay Pro directly. But recently, I found that Spotify seemly stop the cooperation with Djay Pro. So, if you want to continue to use Spotify with Djay Pro, you may need the help of Spotify Music Converter for Windows.

That explains why my djay pro not loading Spotify tracks. I have never tried Tidal and SoundCloud before. It may be a good start to try something new. BTW I have a license of another Spotify converter. Does it work with Tidal or SoundCloud?

Spotify will soon end the integration with djay. Try to sync Spotify playlists to Tidal or SoundCloud ASAP.  p.s. the exclusive Spotify songs can’t be synced. You need to download these songs by a Spotify music converter like DRmare.