DJay Pro 2 not supporting FX on 4 decks like DJay Pro

Unless I am missing something it appears DJay Pro 2 does not support FX on 4 decks like DJay Pro (1) does. With DJay Pro I can do separate FX controls on all 4 decks. With DJay Pro 2 I can only do decks 1 and 2. What am I missing?

Thanks for clarifying your setup. The “FX” button is a short cut panel for just decks 1 and 2. To access the full FX setup in 4 decks you need to click the “tools” icon at the top center next to “fx”. This will allow you to show up 3 FX per deck including individual parameter and wet try control for each FX per deck.

Steps (no controller necessary to repeat)

  1. Open registered DJay Pro 2 v2.0.11 on MAC
  2. select 4 decks
  3. Select FX
  4. Load songs on Decks 1 and 3
  5. Turn on FX (pick one) turn D/W to desired setting

there are only 2 sets of FX controls
these work on Decks 1 & 2

These FX have no effect on decks 3 and 4

With DJay Pro (1) you actually get 4 sets of FX controls under 4 decks.

Please share steps to make FX work on decks 3 & 4 with DJay Pro 2

So, can you tel me why DJ Pro (4 deck setup) in the GUI shows 4 FX sections one for each deck. In DJay Pro 2 it only shows two fx under a 4 deck system.

No controller is needed to duplicate but for what it is worth I have a Denon DJ MC7000

Hi TechnoGeezer,

Thank you for your post.

Can you please tell us more about your setup. In general you can use FX on all decks within djay Pro 2.