Djay pro 2 on Traktor s4 mk3

Will anyone know if you can/will ever be able to use djay pro 2 with a traktor kontrol s4 mk3? Some gigs I need Spotify and the software is very easy to use!
Thanks in advance for the help

Hi, is this a “work in progress” kind of thing?

Currently the S4 does not have MIDI Mode, so mapping it is not possible.

That’s the whole point.

You’re joking right?
That’s the whole point of this thread.

Hi, I ran into the same problem and ended up buying a DDJ 1000 so I could use streaming. I really liked the S4 so it would be nice to go back to that. There are older forum submissions where people were able to map some functions by enabling midi mapping through NI’s midi control software. This was for the old s4, may apply to the mk3 as well. I couldn’t get DJ Pro to even recognize the s4 and didn’t put in the effort to dig for answers unfortunately. I’m curious to hear about your progress!

Pretty much. With the 1000 I can map to Traktor so now I have the benefits of their fx and sound, and can switch between that, rekordbox, and DJ pro at anytime.

Also, I would add another word of caution as I switched from the S4mk3 as well. It has great integration as an audio interface and works well with Ableton if you like playing around with production. The DDJ 1000 prevents me from using other midi sources when it’s plugged in. So unless I get a separate audio interface I may be stuck using my computer’s internal sound card.

Hi guys,

You can map the S4 via the midi mapping mode setting the controller to MIDI following this link:…

If a STREAMING SERVICE was available for the NI S4 MK3, I’m sure sales would go through the roof.

Or at least get Soundcloud sorted on their flagship.


I just bought an S4 MK3, but considering returning it due to no streaming functionality yet. And no real timeline for this. Nor mapping for DJAY.

Buying MP3’s is so last decade. We want everything at our fingertips for fun and home use NOW!

Does anyone know when TRAKTOR DJ 2 will be available with S4 MK3? As I think this is when streaming will make an appearance.

Pioneer have DDJ Djay mappings, Serato has Tidal, Reloop are in bed with Algoriddim and NI are looking in through the window wanking.

Are NI and Algoriddim not on speaking terms? Feels like I’m in the middle of 2 cold shoulders. Totally shitty not to be able to get a mapping for Djay Pro and S4 MK3.

Also, NI… (YES YOU!), sort out bloody support for the S4 MK3 and Traktor DJ 2 on Mac and PC (or even Android). This is laughable! No streaming on most up to date flagship NI device. Stop being stupid and slowwwww. I and other twats like me will buy Pioneer gear and cuss you all for all eternity if you don’t pull your finger out.

I’m not even asking for iPad support you plonks.
Disgruntled and regret buying S4 MK3.

Thanks Rotem,

I keep checking online and in forums to see if I’ve missed something . It looks like Native Instruments have MISSED SOMETHING BIG!

We *ALL want STREAMING on our devices (*apart from dinosaurs).

We paid a whole lot of money for an S4 MK3. (More than a S2 MK3 or Z1. And more (recently) than the S4 MK2.MK2.MK2 which has access to Traktor DJ 2 Feat. STREAMING.STREAMING.STREAMING).

People are laughing at NI (or just ignoring them). People are moving to Rekordbox. Pioneer have more software/functionality and access from the DDJ400 costing a THIRD of the price of the S4 MK3.

Shove you motorized platters up you arse and give people what they’ve been asking for:



Who asked for motorized jog wheels? They’re good, but not RIGHT.

S4 MK3, NOT S4 MK2.
Mate it’s 2019.

Thanks for info. Might help me make a smaller or cheaper mistake in the future.

I would happily continue with Traktor as my main professional software of choice. Just got a mapping which has made the controller FUN again. Swapping STEMS(??) and SAMPLES for PAD FX and other bits and bobs.

If I could use DJAY PRO I would use it to build my set and play for my kids. Traktors’s power would be perfect to play tunes I will BUY specifically playing out.

We will have to wait it out and hope, I suppose. It’s boring NI …

i pray the s4 opens up to djay, theres alot of users looking to jump off the traktor ship through lack of streaming that own NI products.