djay pro 2, Spotify close down


I have been using this software for same time now.

last gig it seem that my spotify was shut down even I login again it stops working

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear that.

Can you specify the shut down please, did Spotify not open at all, were you able to load a track, did the track play?


Spotify is normaly open, and ready when I start djay pro 2

but It shut down aften a 2 hours, and after som try loading any other song it
djay pro stop working, i check the wifi connection and it was fin, i use my iphone that more reliable.

but last time I use djay pro 2 there was no problem at all.

bg Mike

PS. So I dont know if is a hickup for it normaly work. ot has only crash 2-3 times in the period.