Djay Pro 2 - Video displays on internal Mac & want on external projected screen

Hi team!!

I am currently operating an event where we show videos or music videos saved on Djay Pro2. I would like to display these videos on an external screen through a projector.

When in video mode - (top right video symbol selected and blue), video on deck one and playing. When I select the small tv icon on the centre display screen, a pop up comes up and allows me to select between VGA display (external projected screen) and Colour LCD (internal screen on Mac), awesome. I select VGA display.

Issue: The video clip then plays on a pop up on the mac screen instead of on the VGA display (external projected screen) which we want.

It was working earlier and on the VGA display, and in the process of solution finding something changed, and the video is now popping up on the Mac screen.

Attempted solutions:
I cannot drag this across to the external display /projector.
I have not yet found Djay pro video settings. How do I change the settings so the video displays on the VGA display?

Thanks team!!