DJAY Pro 2 Will Not Open

I recently bought DJay Pro 2 and the experience has been less than stellar. I have a 6 month old macbook pro running MacOS High Sierra. After installing the application, DJay Pro 2 will open, but if I close the application and then try to reopen, the application closes immediately. I have tried rebooting, killing all other application/processes with no success. The only thing that works is deleting and then reinstalling the app (which i have done now 5 times).

Does anyone know how to fix this without just reinstalling?

This is the error I get when trying to open the application.

Hi Asher,

Thank you very much for your post. I’m so sorry to hear that.

In order to get this problem fixed, we need to know, what exactly is causing the crash. Therefore we kindly ask for your help: Can you send us the Crash Report? You can find it here:

  1. open “Console”
  2. go to “User Reports”
  3. select the latest djay Pro “.crash” file and attach it to this mail

I’ll pass the crash report internally to our developers so they can have a look at it.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.


Lukas E.