Djay Pro 2 with Pioneer DDJ-RB does not work pre-cueing


I’m sorry for my English, I used a translator.

I got a Pioneer DDJ-RB that I want to make it work with Djay Pro 2.

Well it has already arrived, I have installed the Djay Pro 2 test (before buying it I want to see if everything works well) and everything is perfect, except for the pre-cueing and the output of the master.

Nothing is heard, I have it installed in a macpro and in “devices” I have:

Mixer Mode: Internal
Main channel: integrated output
Headphones: none
Microphone (marked): integrated microphone

It is heard through the laptop speaker, but there is no pre-listening or master (I put the headphones by the master to test it, and nothing).

I have commented with a partner who also has a mac and the same pioneer and has the same configuration and he does. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!