djay Pro 5.0.2 Crash.

So, I am writing this right after my club gig with the new update. During the set I had lot of freezes using stems. (music would shut down for 1 sec). That keeps getting annoying if you mix and beatmatch at the same time, but it gets really annoying when you play music for almost 500 people. It happened multiple times but than I figured out how to make a safe play even with stems (freezes continued to happen and quick mix with stems was out of schedule)
The ultimate fail I had was when I tried to search a track and the app just closed showing the classic mac os error. It happened 3 times and I stopped using stems and search. There was none of these issues with the previous version.

On a first thought I think it is Mac Os Catalina that causes the problem so, I have to go back to the previous version(10.14 with clean install and previous version of djay Pro and ya’ll probably know what that means…)

On a second thought it could be a new version update for the mixer.

My equipment:
Hardware: Macbook Pro Mid 2012, i5 2,5, 16GB Ram, Samsung Evo SSD 512GB
Equipment: Reloop Elite, Vestax PDX 2000, Serato Vinyl.

HI @Rawkuts,

Thanks for sharing this unexpected behavior with us.

Could you try reproducing this issue with the latest update, v5.0.2, to see if it continues to occur?

If so, could you send us a message through the djay Pro menu > Provide djay Pro Feedback, or send us any crash reports from the Mac Console app?

Additionally, we see that you’ve created a ticket with us via email, but just in case other users are experiencing this same issue, we will continue to assist you on this platform.

Thanks so much!

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Hi NathanielAlgo

Sure I am here to share anything.

Let me say a few things first ( I will keep it short). I switched from
Traktor to Serato Dj and then to djay Pro although I had the other programs
for free because I work professionally and put a lot of money into the
equipment. What I want to say is that djay pro no matter the issues now is
way better(equipment and dj friendly) and more supportive than those I
mentioned. The use of DVS is strictly on Turntables and of course, I try to
use 100% the capabilities of it.

So I am here to help because djay Pro helps the DJs and Turntablist take it
to the next level.

  • Yes, I am updated on v5.0.2.
  • I already sent the crash reports.

I am testing everything over and over. I am thinking of making a video for
you to see how it performs with the activity monitor open so you can see in
real time the performance of RAM, CPU, GPU.

Let me know if that would work for you.



No offense, but the fact that it works at all at your hardware and OS amazes me and is quite frankly a testament to both Apple and Algo.

Do you use any specific tweaks before you’re starting a gig?


All good mate. I wanted to use stems so badly that I gave it a try. Found some tweaks on trial and error mode before switching from Serato and the cause was that I used SL 2 and SL4 for my gigs. Later on I got the Reloop Elite.

To load the stems I simply used the option of Echo Out + on the voice. Instant press to enable and disable it to give the order so it would not freeze. It loaded all the stems.
No problem on previous version before the update.

Secondly, all my tracks are in order on 1 file. ex. 150 tracks max on the music folder that I load to my playlist in djay pro.

Then I disable bluetooth and quit all other software. (Need the wifi for Tidal)

I understand it is an issue cause of the processor. 2.5 i5. Personally I believe its a Mac Os 10.15.7 issue. Everything worked fine on Mojave. Now even Live and iZotope (same exact software I used before have bugs)

The sad thing on all of it (and total time waste) is the clean install getting back to Mojave.
setting up the crates is not that big deal for me.

I did some tests now changing the frames , mixing and scratching and got to the conclusion that patience is the key. Need to wait for some seconds so everything run normally (almost).

ps. The temperature of my mac is normal. Even the fans are working normally. I have to open Live and MPC Studio to give it a hard time. (Bought it like brand new in a box a year ago)

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Yeah. Sounds like timing issues.

Cool stuff though! Do you happen to have any videos on YT?

I don’t actively use YouTube yet. But there are several videos of me on random channels spinning on 1s and 2s for a bunch of events and festivals, mixtapes on SoundCloud and music platforms with my productions.
DM me on my mail and I can forward some content if you like.