DJAY Pro 5 – 2 months of use - suggestions

Hi, I´ve been using DJAY Pro 5 with MacOS for two months now, moving from Serato. I have a few improvement suggestions that I hope are helpful:


  1. When the user changes Neural Mix and EQs for the mixer knobs, the controls are reset (as clearly stated in the legacy DJAY Pro AI manual). I just think that doesn’t make sense musically. Very often, I adjust the EQs of a track before playing or right after playing to make it sound good, but then, when, when I want to manipulate the its stems, the EQs adjustment is gone and the track sounds bad again! I´m using a secondary controler that allows me to control EQs in my main controler and stems in my secondary one, avoiding this incovenience, but really, I don´t a reason why one shouldn´t be able to switch between EQs and Neural Mix in a single controller or directly in the software without reseting the corresponding adjustments. I hope Algoriddim can reexamine that.


  1. Ok, I moved to DJAY from Serato, so I tried to reproduce in my pads the stems instant effects you have in Serato. Well, the “voice echo out” in DJAY Pro sound really good, better than Serato, I would say. But I really miss having “instrumentals out” instant FX options. I would suggest a nice sounding “instrumentals vinyl break” and classic “instrumentals reverb” or “echo out” options.


  1. I think a slip mode button should be visibile in all different view modes.


  1. Well, I think the sampler/looper/sequencer have a lot of potential, but it lacks some basic features that really make them way less useful than they could be:

a) a button for cueing with headphones in all three modes;

b) a gain knob in all three modes;

b) the possibility of looping quantized samples in the sampler mode.

Sorry if any of these improvements is already available and I didn´t notice it.

Best regards

Hi @CCuenca,

Thanks for sharing your suggestions. These are always greatly appreciated.

  1. However, it’s best to create a separate topic for each suggestion so that other users can upvote each idea and we can track them individually.
  2. This also really helps to keep the ongoing conversation organized.
  3. Also, it’s best to search for your suggestion first in case someone has already made a topic for it. In this case you can simply add your vote and comment to the existing topic.

Thanks again!

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