Djay Pro 5.2 update broke my Midi Mapping

Hi everyone, in order to investigate this further please send us a screenshot from MIDI monitor:

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Pressing play, and pressing play again on Traktor Kontrol S5

1 press gives “note on”, immediately followed by “note off”

So djay pro does play and pause, but the feedback from djay pro - midi out - isn’t working.
So still no blinking play button when a track is loaded into the deck.

I changed nothing on the existing setup. Only updated from 5.1.7 to 5.2. When i return to 5.1.7 the play button is blinking again (midi out from djay works)

djay pro 5.2, macOS Sonoma, mac mini m2

Thanks @jefuqs! Could you please send another screenshot where all items in the “Sources” list are visible (sources and destinations)? (We don’t need to see the “Filter” section or the messages below.


Here you go.
track loaded and paused midi monitor djay pro 5.2
The sources window height is fixed, so i had to scroll :slight_smile:

midi monitor, track loaded and paused in djay pro 5.1.7
The midi is corresponding to the blinking play button led (midi out)

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Same issue with Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 in version 5.2. I dont have an older 5.x, but I still had 4.1 on my machine, and there, all Midi outputs work fine. Using the old 4.1 Midi mapping file in 5.2 also results in greyed out Midi Out section and non-working Midi Output from Djay.
EDIT: Found 5.1.3 on a different machine, and Midi Out works fine with that as well.

Thanks for the screenshots @jefuqs, that’s very helpful.

I believe the issue comes from the fact that you have multiple Traktor controllers connected. Can you please try disconnecting the F1 controller to see if that works?

In any case this should be fixed with the next update. There was an issue in 5.2 with the way we match multiple virtual MIDI devices based on endpoint names.

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When i remove the F1 and only connect the S5, djay pro 5.2 recognizes the old midi mapping with the correct name again (Traktor Kontrol S5). But, as show on the image, no blinking play button led, no midi out

Thanks for the additional info @jefuqs. I’ve shared this with engineering.

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  • Device model : MachBook Pro 13" 2017
  • Version of operating system : 13.6.7
  • Version of djay : 5.2
  • Hardware/controllers used : Traktor Control S5

Hello, just for information.
I have the same problem with my S5.

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Thanks for sharing @MichaFalki. The engineering team is aware of this issue.

It works again!
With the update to 5.2.1, the midi outs on the S5 work again.
Thank you very much!


All working again on the s4 mk2
Thanks everyone!


You’re welcome @MichaFalki and @Wayne_Clark. Thanks for confirming.

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Hi @jefuqs, please update to 5.2.1 and let me know if this fixes your issue. Thanks!

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yes i wil let you know if it’s fixed.

Yes - 5.2.1 fixes the broken midi output & previous existing mapping is now recognized and working again.

Excellent. Thanks for confirming @jefuqs