djay pro 5 has become super laggy and not responsive.

hey there. I’ve been having issues with djaypro 5 and can’t seem to wrap my head around it. have searched and doesn’t seem to be anyone else having this problem. have been dabbling with djay for a couple years and with the most recent release gave it a fair test to see the new updated features and I was wowed. I was using it in a club setting for a couple weeks with my ddj-800. either after the second update or the most recent update I have been scratching my head. everything ended up super slow to respond and I had to rethink how I was pushing the buttons for the quantize features and when ever sync was envalved. it wasn’t usable after that night. went back to my rane four and Serato. I was thinking that maybe it was finally time to update the program again since you guys were updating new builds quickly for a couple weeks. I also just updated to Sonoma the very latest build and also updated my ddj 800 to the latest firmware. same results. the program is even getting hard to use just with a mouse or keyboard. any suggestions would be amazing. was really loving the beat grids in the new build. wasn’t using stems.

have a 2020 MacBook Pro
2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9Intel
UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
14.2.1 (23C71)

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To be honest I have experienced this as well, and it happened to me on NYE,
When I would hit my cue buttons, it would sometimes have a momentary lag and not start exactly on the point I want to mix into but Sync would quickly adjust and move to the bet grid,
It happened quite a few times it was becoming annoying.

I’m thinking that my iPad 9th Gen could be becoming slower and I’ve been thinking of updating to a iPad Air 5th Gen which is more powerful.

Funny thing is that the next day I tried to replicate the issue and I couldn’t…
I may have had quantize set on and that may have been the problem?

Hi @djkrazykris, to help us better understand your issue, could you please try to capture a video of this? Please upload the video to your Dropbox or Google Drive, add the necessary file sharing permissions and then share a link to the shared video here. Thanks!

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I am experiencing the same issue. While using DJ Pro Ai for VJing - the program will completely freeze mid set - the audio and video output will continue but I will lose control of the qpp. The cursor will disappear and my controller will stop connecting until the app unfreezes. This lasts from a few seconds to minutes. I have the newest update.

Mac Book Pro 2020 // M1

Hi @djkrazykris and @Jessica_Dye,

Sorry for the late reply. I was away on vacation. Could you both please try to capture a video of this issue, upload it to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable the appropriate sharing permissions and share a link to the video here? This will really help to communicate exactly what’s going on to the engineering team. Thanks!

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