djay Pro AI AutoMix Stopping

from several releases I’ve got problem with auto mix continuous play. Sometimes after previous song ends the next doesn’t start. I try to reset all settings to default. Create new playlists doesn’t resolve the problem. Even on new installation the issue still persist. I’ve try it also on djay Pro 2 with the same playlists and there is no such issue.


@PROsiaq are you using a streaming service or tracks stored on your device?

I’ve had similar issues with streaming services only. Typically this is due to wifi issues and djay is unable to completely load/buffer the track in time.

I have the same issue over wired ethernet. It’s a programming logic issue:
the call needs to be made in the software sooner, it seems, so it can fail gracefully (by failing sooner) and continue seamlessly by moving along to the next playlist item after an attempt or two BEFORE the end of the current song.
There is plenty of time in a 3:45 song to try to DL/buffer the next song (or the next, or the one after that…) at pretty much any resolution with most internet connections these days before ultimately failing to local files.
This is my main complaint with the software - it doesn’t fail soon enough or softly enough. In a live/show scenario, the music MUST go on. Give us the framework/options to make sure we never leave dead air until our time is up.

For me it’s not only happened when I playing from streaming services such Tidal. I have also this issue during playing local stored files. So I’m not sure that it’s only buffer issue because when streaming service is used the software also download next song to second deck during actually song is playing - so the next song is ready to play just after, but it sometimes don’t start automatically. Normally when I play I control all that things, but sometimes I want to use auto mix function to play background music during breaks (e.g. at a wedding) and at this point djay fails. It’s funny… but sometimes it happens that I have to fly from the table to play another song because suddenly there is silence. Everyone then asks what is this software that can not play the next songs from the list.
Please fix this.

Hello Algoriddim team and friends,
what was fixed in version 4.1.10? The new interface is better for me, but unfortunately nothing changes regarding playback issues with auto-mixing. It is extremely important that the list is played continuously. Is it so hard to fix? After all, this is the basic function of every music playing application. In DJay PRO 2 there was a problem with switching between playlists and automatic resetting of the auto-mix playlist (not fixed to this day - but although the playlist did not stop), and in the next version of the application, another serious bug. Do we have to wait until the next new version of the entire application with this error so that we have to purchase another license?

Best regards and I’m waiting for the basic bugs to be fixed in the next release of djay PRO AI.

Hi, is your team working on solving this issue?


Hi @PROsiaq, thanks for the follow up and sorry for the delay in responding. This post was made before I started at Algoriddim (October). I do know that August was a busy time for the team here so it’s possible this one got missed if you didn’t submit an official support ticket through the djay Pro AI application. I’m following up with the support team now though and will let you know what I find out. In the meantime, if you did not submit a support ticket through the djay Pro AI app, I recommend you do so. Thanks!

Hi, I was submitted this post to official support request on Algoriddim website, but have no answer.

@PROsiaq I’m very sorry about that! I’m following up with the support team again today. Hopefully we’ll have some information for you soon. Thanks for your patience.

unfortunately in version 5.0-5.0.3 nothing changes regarding playback issues with auto-mix. It is extremely important that the list is played continuously. The next song is loaded into the deck, but playback stops at the end of the previous song. We are waiting to fix that so long time. Fix that urgently, please.


This issue is happening using the iPhone app. When the auto mix switches tracks it pauses for 1-2 seconds after the song starts and then does it a 2nd time about 10 seconds into the song. Does this with every track. All songs are locally saved on phone.

This just started happening this week. Not sure was there an update?