DJay Pro AI bugs on Denon Prime 4

running the latest version of DJay Pro io V 4.0.5 on an 2021 iPad Pro 12 2TB with USB-C. I have been using a Prime 4 in my home studio with it, and I noticed a lot of pitch drifting. Is this due to the Prime 4 or do to DJay, watching the grid lines speed up and slow down on their own s like watching old Turntables W&F except worse than 1200s, more like Gemini turntables.

Second bug I notice when moving the Pitch fader in either direction +/-, and making very minute adjustments, the pitch on screen jumps to +9 for a brief moment (of course this throws the mix out even worse)… just putting light pressure on the pitch fader on either deck, generates this issue, and I can replicate easily. It does not do this playing from the prime 4 directly.

Hi Stevie, is this something that has come about as of the last few updates or has it always been there?

I just started using DJay with the Prime 4 in the last month, before that I used the Prime in standalone, or used DJay with my Numark Touch2Go (which I didn’t notice the issue with, but haven’t used the Numark in about 3 weeks.

Oh,ok… if you have been reading the forum of late you would have read that there have been numerous issues with the app and controllers semenating form the most recent updates…

It would be interesting to hear from Denon Prime 4 users that were using the app previous to v 4.0.0 as this was when the issues began to appear…

Hi @Stevie_Ray,

By any chance are you still having these Denon issues with the latest version of djay Pro AI, v4.0.7?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!

Hi @NathanielAlgo ,
My iPad currently has 4.0.8 and I just updated the Prime 4 to the latest firmware and software. I will do some stress testing tonight and let you know…
Another annoyance I have been having is after using the touch on the platters for scratching in a track for example. If you need to nudge the track to get it aligned, the jog wheel does nothing until it has completely stopped moving for a period of time. It is only a few milliseconds, but when you need to nudge a track, it feels like an eternity. I can shoot a video and send it to you if you need. Just let me know.

OK I did a quick test and discovered when the pitch fader freaks out. If you move the pitch fader AND nudge the platter simultaneously in either direction the pitch will always jump to -8% until the jog wheel stops moving.

So say the track you are mixing in is behind and you need to move it up .16% you start moving the fader in the plus direction. If you nudge the jog forward to help realign the track the pitch will jump to -8% making it even further off. And yes this still happens on the latest iOS build of Djay IO 4.0.8 with version 2.3 of Prime.