Djay Pro Ai-cant turn off SYNC

Hey folks on my mac (no controller) using Djay Pro Ai, when using automix or pressing the arrow next to the crossfader to start switching to next song , SYNC kicks in. How do i turn this off? I click the SYNC button to unhighlight it on both decks but they turn back on everytime the song transitions to the next song. Any clue what to do?

@MrG I don’t have access to my Mac right now, but I’m pretty sure the menus are quite similar to iOS. Go to Automix → Settings → Tempo Adjust and select Off instead of Sync.

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@Slak_Jaw thank you! I cant believe i overlooked that. I had it on morph so i figured that cant be sync since sync wasnt checked off. So i take it morph and sync is combined together when morph is checked off?

You’re welcome. Yeah, morph is basically Sync, but with a simultaneous tempo adjustment during the mix from the existing track tempo to the new track tempo.

@Slak_Jaw ah ok gotcha, gotcha! Should be getting my rane one today so im sure more questions will pop up. But as for now that was a big help. I was getting annoyed lol

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Hi @MrG,

After reading this thread, I am grateful @Slak_Jaw was able to provide you with a solution that I will now be marked as such for others to see if they ever encounter this same issue!

Many thanks to you both and we are glad to have such a helpful community!


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