djay Pro AI for Android devices

Hi, good morning to you, I hope that in the next update, please add a pro mode to Djay for android, just like ios has a pro mode. because I like it like there is no pro mode, I’m using our app on my pioneer ddj 200, I’m also planning to buy a ddj 400 and I’ll just connect it to the phone using the djay app, I hope it can be used on the ddj 400 and I hope there will be a new update for the one with pro mode, just like the ios version, thank you all


Plsss reply #algoriddim


lol the more times you ask won’t make it more likely.
you need more android users to get together and ask.

actually many android users have already made a request like what I posted here…but the algoriddim doesn’t seem to care as if they didn’t pay attention to the android users here.

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Hi @Zhask_Matzunaga,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the djay community!

While I can’t talk about future plans, I will pass along your request for djay on Android to be on par with our iOS platform to our development team for future consideration!

Additionally, the DDJ-400 is not natively supported on djay for Android.

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hi algoriddim, I just want to ask if you plan to update or upgrade the djay for android that has pro mode features like in ios and please fix the lag issue of your app because the lag is because it is difficult to beat match when connected I put it on the ddj 200 using bluetooth, the lag is there and I tried using a usb cable, but it still lags, it’s still hard to beat match (note track is the same bpm) my phone is android 12 version…plsss, I hope you pay attention to this my feedback…

Plss rply on my post

I purchased an Android tablet & paid for android version of Djay only to discover it was terrible & a huge waste of money. Algoriddim Djay for android is probably the worst dj app for android available. I tried a few others & they were all responsive & I was able to manually beat mix, however I couldn’t find one that allowed me to midi map a controller. Sadly, because this software was originally designed for mac & ios, I personally feel like the Android version isn’t something Algorridim cares too much about. I ended up purchasing an ipad mini instead.


you’re right bro they didn’t pay much attention to the djay android version…they focused too much on ios and mac…while we also have many android users who use their app…it’s just sad to think😔 that we still have to buy ios so it’s better if we use their app…


Here’s my frustrating story: When I first tested Djay I used my iphone & it was incredible. So incredible that I actually paid for a year subscription for ios. But then I felt I needed a bigger screen & saw that there was an Android version of Djay. So I went & bought a tablet, only to discover that I needed to purchase the android version of djay too. Ok, so I bought the android version. Then I discovered the android version isn’t quite the same as the ios version I tested. It also didn’t support my midi controller! Then I thought, ok I’ll just use it without a controller. That’s when I realised that the app was so laggy I couldn’t ever (not even once) start a song on beat. It was all a huge waste of time & money. I eventually decided to buy a used ipad mini.


I really hope they will develop the Android version properly just like they developed the iOS version😔


Hi @Zhask_Matzunaga,

Thank you for your post!

Can you please describe in greater detail the lag issue you are experiencing with djay?

Additionally, I noticed you asked a similar question about updating the Android platform to be akin to iOS and I will be merging the threads together.

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plz uptade to same version IOS

I’ve used Algoriddim on all platforms now. Android users (I use Android), I know it’s not want you to hear but you got to change to Apple. Algoriddim, please stop making Djay Pro for Windows and Android if it’s going to be half baked and just a generally bad experience.

I suggest keep your Android phone and get an ipad as it double as a fantastic media consumption device and way better to have a jam on for DJs let alone the software is not even in the same ballpark.

What I’m guessing is that the stem separation parts is very tightly connected to operating system support of macOS and iOS. As it was released at the same time when Apple released their new M1 chips, so Apple has provided support in operating system level so that the code works on older machines which doesn’t have M1 (or M2) chips.

So if there isn’t such libraries for android or support for such functionality on android hw i.e. chips, there isn’t much what algoriddim can do.

It’s a long wait to get needed support on android hw platform and android os itself.

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I started out on a limited android tablet, and yeah, the switch to mac was night and day in terms of how well the app works…even on a roughly decade old iMac. maybe its because a mobile device’s battery can’t deliver the consistent power processors need or…??? but anything Apple is where djay was built and where it shines.

As a company you might want to try something on different platforms, but apart from personal preference I wonder if it’s commercially wise to keep Android and especially Windows versions in active development. There’s a lot of competition there and it makes no sense to invest a lot of resources if you’re only going to get a handful of paying customers.

A Simple device file browser would be my number one request… cant believe theres none…