Djay pro ai for Android?

Hey, will there be an pro ai version of djay coming out for Android?

Just like the one on iOS

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I very much doubt it.

There is currently no official announcement from Algoriddim.:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

I really want the Android platform not to be deprived, it’s generally unclear why the leader in the number of users of mobile platforms is simply ignored, in fact, users have many times more Android devices, and the best application for DJs on the mobile platform does not support professional functions, it looks like some kind of conspiracy .

It’s not a conspiracy. Unfortunately each different model of android device is slightly different, runs slightly different software/hardware etc. In most cases, Algoriddim were unable to get the audio routed correctly when connected to one of the supported controllers meaning precue doesn’t work. Recently, I was told that this will not be resolved. With this in mind, it looks like Algoriddim will be moving away from the android platform entirely. The android version hasn’t been updated in a long time even though a few of us have informed Algoriddim of some minor bugs regarding beat grid etc so chances of them introducing the ai side of things to the android platform is looking very unlikely. I would settle for a correctly working version of djay without stems and ai.

This is sad (I would like to see a full pro version on this platform, especially dvs

:laughing: I would like to be able to use headphones to preview the next track.

Hi @Different_HumanToni and @smoothlycut, djay Pro 5.0 for Android was just released.


Not sure if this is the solution. The original post was requesting a pro ai version like the one available for apple users. The android version has just had a couple of crossfader effects added and then been renamed djay pro.

…Oh and library management has been massively improved.


I updated to 5 just today, it is great to see android is getting updated :slight_smile: thanks!


Yeah, it’s a fantastic update. I’m glad they fixed to beat grid issue and the file management has been vastly improved.

Probably won’t use the crossfader effects much as that can all be done with the rotary knobs on my controller and it will sound how I want it to but it’s a nice addition all the same.

I might use the tempo slide feature that’s been introduced on the crossfader. Normally I would make slight changes manually if there is a significant tempo change between two tracks but this will be much easier now that it’s automated.

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