djay Pro AI for Mac and iOS v4.1.5 Changelog?

the club rig and my phone both updated…what’s going on here, tell me what’s new please?

What snowflake flagged this/my question? or was it an automod bot that needs some tweaking?

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It will probably be what it says: Bugfixes and improvements. I assume that the manufacturer would not hide any other significant changes or improvements from us.

Hi All,

Thanks for asking about the latest update! Apologies for not having a formal changelog post for this latest update here on the Community.

The reason for this is that the recent update primarily only impacted a few devices, as it fixed a potential issue when launching djay for the first time on an iPhone 14 Pro. In general, when we fix a rare issue that may only impact a small number of devices from our overall userbase, we typically group these together under the general “bug fixes” terminology on our release notes.

Rest assured if there are any new features added or significant changes, as @Chris_R stated, we will be more than happy to share those in the release notes and here on the Community as well! Thank you again for the feedback, and for your continued support! Happy mixing. :headphones:

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