Djay Pro AI for windows

When is djay Pro AI going to be available on Windows? Seems like the windows users are just getting left behind.


I bought a new Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX controller

And I see that only mac users can have this driver working, Windows users don’t have it

I stopped use Djay pro for Windows when Spotify refused too be used for DJing. (that is nothing to blame Algoriddim for) Nevertheless the same day Djay pro for Windows lost its unique position, and now competing with all the other DJ softwares on the market.

It seems like that Algoriddim is evolving the Mac version. But the Windows version… no! Just look att the number of posts in the forum dealing the Windows version.

For me, when I have recovered from the Spotify loss. I first hade a great option using Pioneer Rekordbox sinse its bundled with my controller. But it lack alot of modern functionality, as with Djay pro for Windows.

So most likely I will go back to VirtualDJ which is more mature and has more modern functionality than Djay pro for Windows, even though its gonna cost me 350 Euro.

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