Djay Pro AI has a Limited Search Function!

There are so many ways to search a track in other dj softwares! I thought it was the same in djay pro AI search function!
Suddenly it shocked me!
That “search algorithim” is limited only to the file-name, artist and track id?
What the heck??
What about…
Where is the “AI” here ???
A simple search string and you can’t find a song that’s tagged with a key-word?


I agree, we should be able to load the other tags that you mentioned. As well as an expanded view for search results with the option to set a filter and sort by (persistent across launches).

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I noticed this with Tidal as well,

thanks for noticing and for your input.
Again, worse in that, what’s in your Music (pink side) can’t be searched from Collections (yellow side), be it on a mac or iPad!

Well, Algoriddim, this is a feature request (call it bug report, not a rant).
Thanks for your listening ears and awesome updates

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Are you sure you spelled the title of “I Got 5 On It” correctly? It’s not “Get”, it’s “Got”. I’m able to search for those keywords “Luniz Marshall I Got 5” and it brought up the song “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz and Michael Marshall within My Collection and TIDAL search

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You’re right on that. I have edited post to reflect the actual bug (failure to search with other metadata beyond artist/track), and lack of cross-search between Collections (yellow) and Music (pink)

I just added those requests to my list I share with them that I keep updating on Google Docs. I said “Option for Cross-Search all sources as a Search Tab that are turned on from the left-hand side bar” and “Ability to search for additional key tags such as “Genre”, “Composer”, “Label”, “Comment” (Maybe as an option within settings).”

You’re already allowed to search for the Album name. I’ve done it plenty of times and just tested it out right now. It works.

Great requests though. I’m with you on those

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good luck - those issues are there since years!

Hi @Armgod_Okello,

Thanks for posting to the community!

I will be sure to share your feedback with our dev team and update this thread accordingly as new information comes in.

Have a nice day.