Djay Pro AI + Serato on Rane One Issues

hey, i dunno if anyone tried this yet but iam trying to have one comp run serato and one run djay pro… but here are some issues i have with it…so far
If another comp is running serato on say usb “A”,as soon as you open up Djay pro AI program on the other computer all the music stops, then after you set back up the audio settings you can control the app from rane one…but… when you flip the usb say the usb “A” on deck 1 to play a track from the serato comp it also plays Djay pro on the same deck. deck 1 or 2, if there is a song loaded on the same deck your are trying to use another comp on. audio will play.
also sometimes when u try and mix from serato and back to Djaypro. sometimes Djay pro will play the song at a different pitch… i will try very soon to take video and upload it

I haven’t tried that set up but I have tried using two seperate iPads, one connected to USB-A and the other to USB-B and it sort of works but is a bit clunky…

The best I got was startup djay first…with usb switch to that side…then serato… but when using serato I get audio from djay so you have to eject the song from djay on the deck you’re trying to use serato on… then the bugs like hig pitch playback and stuff from djay starts

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That is similar to what happens when you connect two iPads, although I don’t recall and bugs with the pitch being an issue

Just tried with 2 laptops to run djay… same thing music stops and everything… I hope they figure out how to split that usb signal like when you run 2 comps with serato… I really like djay and want to make the switch from serato.

Hi @djitchyfinga,

Sorry for the delay in responding about the issue you’ve reported. This is an issue specific to the RANE ONE that our Development Team is aware of. We are working with the RANE team to get this issue sorted out. I’ll keep you updated here when we have more news about this.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!


Thanks Emily I hope RANE helps you guys out

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