DJAY pro ai stuck importing existing djay pro 2 data


I have decided to try a DJAY PRO AI after holding off as I didnt want to opdate my OS however I have now update and I have installed A.I however when it started its trying to import data from DJAY PRO 2 when I have been using and loving for a long time but now it’s just stuck on that importing screen and hasn’t moved for an hour

I have tried reboots and app kills however every time it stays the same it’s abit frustrating but I don’t want to delete DJAY PRO 2 just to try A.I.

Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Note! BACKUP BACKUP & BACKUP! Before messing these directories

If you are on macOS, your music folder should have folders named

  • djay Pro 2
  • djay
    which contains the “music database” i.e file named “djay Media Library”.

It should be compatible with both applications so just copy the file from “djay Pro 2” folder to “djay” folder and overwrite.

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