Djay pro AI subscription

Hi, I purchased the pro version of djay pro ai when it became available, to my never ending pleasure.
I updated today on my ipad to the new version and it asks me to purchase a yearly plan… I tried to Restore previous purchases but it tells me that there is no active subscription…
Do I have to buy the yearly plan although I already paid for the previous version thinking it would be for life ?
Thanks for your very quick replay as I have to play soon.

Hi @gric,

  1. If you purchased the old djay Pro 2 app, you may be eligible for a djay Pro 5 discount because djay Pro 2 was not subscription based.
  2. However, this does not apply to the newer djay Pro AI app which has always been a subscription based app. If you have a current valid subscription to djay Pro AI on another Apple device, you can share it with your new device if you are logged in with the same Apple ID.
    a. On your iOS device go to Settings and select your user name and picture at the top left.
    b. Then select the Subscriptions menu.

    c. If you’ve paid for a djay subscription before, you will see it here.

    d. Select your djay subscription and you can perform a renew if needed.
  3. If you need a new subscription there are instructions here.

thanks I will check this !

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