Djay PRO AI Version 4.0.7 slow in loading the library.

Good evening everyone. I ask for advice. I had Djay analyze all my music library from Itunes of about 58,000 songs. Is it normal that it takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to load the library? I find it very slow in loading the music library. The version is Djay PRO AI 4.0.7 installed on a 2012 MacBook Pro 13 with 16GB of Ram and a 1TB internal SSD.

I thank you in advance for all your answers on this matter.

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Hi there. If you are loading all 58,000 tracks then I think it’s on the side of normal. That computer is almost 10 years old as you indicate

Are you asking to load 1 track to your library or all 58000 tracks

Hello.Thank you for your reply.I also thought about the fact that since my MacBook is old its performances are limited.I asked for this more than anything else because Rekorbox always loads me the library of 58000 songs in little more 30 seconds.

Hi, all 58000 tracks.

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Ok thanks, once they are loaded, do the individual tracks load onto Dj instantly?

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Thank you for your interest in my problem. No. Tracks do not load instantly. There is always a little lag.

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I want to clarify that a couple of times it also crashed me having not even connected a controller.

I’m wondering if as previously mentioned, your laptop is a bit old…
I don’t use a Mac instead use an Gen 9 iPad,
I previously was using a Gen 5;iPad and that was a bit laggy especially when using Neural Mix function…

Yes, my MacBook is definitely old with performance perhaps not adequate for this resource-hungry software.

I think what we need to understand here is that each software company That
Designs DJ software, has its own requirements in terms of how much resource it consumes. recordbox might work perfectly on that machine but djay might struggle.

Remember, the newer versions of djay are probably designed to run on apple Silicon and therefore using a compatibility layer to run on the intel macs

This could be your problem

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Thank you for your reply. I have absolutely no doubt that a very fast M1 Pro or M1 Max chip can perform significantly better. I also find that it is right that the new software is based on the increasingly performing new generation chips.

That sounds about right for a 2012 13”
If you want to improve your loading time I’d go over the 58,000 songs and put aside only the one you actually might play.

3000 songs is a lot, 58,000 is a lot more

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Totally agree, unless you run a radio station I can’t imagine the need for 58000 tracks, I have just over 2000 on my iPad 256 gb and I still have over 160gb left but I can’t even remember the 2000 tracks that I have let alone imagining 58000!

Each to there own I guess but to help out Sergio problem, I think that the issue is with the age of his Mac…

Anyone else having the same issue?

Thank you for your answers. Beyond the number of songs in the library I think the main problem is my old MacBook. Although with Rekordbox that I use to make the USB key I don’t have these problems. Load the library of 58000 tracks in just over 30 seconds and when I load a track in the deck it is immediate. I also understand that they are two different software with strengths and weaknesses on both sides.

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Hi @Sergio1,

Thanks for sharing your question.

As our other users have mentioned, variables such as old hardware/a large media library/etc can all contribute to how djay performs overall.

It sounds like this thread has come to a conclusion so I will be closing it. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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