djay pro AI's key detection vs. Beatport Link's keys

Hello guys,

I just checked that actually the djay pro’s key detection is much more precise than the Beatport Link’s given key data. Analyzed the same tracks from Tidal, compared to the Beatport Link’s tracks.

What are your experiences about it, and since I am writing in the suggestions, would be nice if the djay pro would be able to overwrite the given key informations.

It’s such an important thing if you would like to create really nice sets.

Thank you guys!

Don’t really focus on key match, bit on the flipside, the synching on Beatsource DJ website is better than Djay’s

According to @bascurtiz excellent comparison, djay is pretty much as good as Beatport (YMMV). Here’s the link: Key Detection Comparison 2021

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Stay tuned for future improvements :eyes: :musical_note: :key:

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Hey Joe, thank you.

The thing is that if your key engine is always the same, it makes the whole situation handleable.

Hey Guillermo,

since your replay suggests some improvements about this, I would like to add some more requirements. Would be nice if the detection expanded also to the energy levels, and we would be able to add comments to the tracks inside the djay.

Only one more thing: is this possible to add a thing like this to the browser?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


There are 2 ways to detect Key in DJAY the default is good, but if you hit “MATCH” in the key area it is reallllllllllly good, I don’t know why the huge difference? (also this metadata doesn’t seem to save to the track) Hopefully this implementation is what @Guillermo is hinting at. I have begrudgingly switched to Serato and the Key/Tempo/Downbeat detection is no where close to DJAY :frowning: But it is stable with the RANE ONE, hopefully you guys can win me back!!


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