Key Detection Comparison 2021

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Very interesting. The stats for djay are in line with my own personal experience.

I thought other softwares would have a similar accuracy, but it’s very interesting to see that some are much better than others.


Based on multiple replies in the mix in key YouTube page, I gave it a try and it’s VERY good, arguably the best on the market. Not an endorsement per say…but truth is truth…

Maybe they could team up with a third party like

Personally, I don’t need djay’s key analysis engine to be better.
Most professional DJ’s use Mixed In Key anyway.

I need the ability to edit the key tag in the iOS app.

It doesn’t matter that I spend a whole day massaging tracks in Platinum Notes, then Mixed in Key and finally then in MP3Tag (or Meta).

djay is going to replace my hard work (tagging the files) anyway.