Djay PRO and Djay 2 Crashing after 8 hours of playing non stop.

I bought a new Ipad Pro 12.9 128GB last week just to use with Djay pro with spotify premium. After 6 hours of playing music the current session resets so I lost record of all previously played songs. I still have 2 more hours to play trying to remember which songs I played. But thats not the biggest problem… about 2 hours later the app just crashes out of nowhere while the music is playing, send report. This happened this last Saturday and Sunday with Djay pro on its latest version. So today I tried Djay 2 to see what happens and exactly the same symptoms occurred at almost the same times. Whats the deal? Is the app only good for a maximum of 6 hours of continuous play? Is there a setting Im missing?
Running latest iOS and djay pro, djay 2 and spotify are the only apps installed.

DJ Adrian

I’ve dj’d with Traktor ipad Dj for over 7 hours. It can handle 6 hours on a regular basis and l trust it. You can expect a crash iff l have a ‘dirty screen’/ dirty fingers. Or if you push the app too much after many many hours. I wouldn’t trust Djay for this kind of work just yet…

Are you using this product professionally or for/with friends? My reason for asking is that if you’re expecting to use this professionally, get used to this type of thing.
My suggestion, if you’re serious about gigging and have the funds, you’ll need to step up to a professional product like Traktor, Serato, Pioneer Record Box or Virtual DJ. you get what you pay for…
Oh, and good luck getting the German tech support to show any empathy or actual customer service skills…

Hey there,

we are sorry to hear that you are facing this issue. Thank you for sharing the crash report, can you remember at what time your application crashed and tell me in which timezone you are in. 

Lukas E.

Hey Owen Blevins,

we are thankful for any feedback, each products you mentioned has its advantages and disadvantages. Still this forum is about sharing ideas, suggestions and ways to solve the problems of djay users, so please keep that in mind.

Lukas E.

Hey Adrian,

I got your report, thank you for the follow up information.
At this moment we can not clearly say what caused the crash, but the developers are looking into the report.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey there,

@Emmanuel Fernandez, please note that djay Pro for windows is a beta and not in its final state.

Regarding your iPad djay Crash, can you remember between what time the crash happened and tell me in which time zone you are in?
Also i would need your iOS Version and the iPad generation you are using for djay.

With these informations I can find your Crash.
Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.


Can you please send us the crash logs via as text files?

Thank you in advance.

Djay PRO crashed Saturday Jan 28th at around 8:05 PM, then again Sunday the 29th at around 8:03 PM. Then Djay 2 Yesterday at 7:35 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Hello Lukas, were you able to find and check the crash reports?

I have experienced crashes on my djay, ipad and spotify usage. Recently was granted a beta trial for djasy and windows 10 and experienced twice a high pitched noise after a couple of hours djing. Rebooted system and it happened again. Had to go back to using the ipad. Having second thought in continuing ti use Djay as my primary djing program.

If your using this app that amount of time IT WILL CRASH…djpro is in its infancy and it will encounter problems until they catch up with the more established systems like serato,traktor etc but the app is very good for what it is so far

This crash problem is still happening. I have an iPad 2 and use DJay 2 and after about 6-7 hours it just gives up on life in the middle of the peak time of my set on a Sat night. Is it any closer to being fixed? Not sure if a report was sent either as I was deep in the flow and trying to recover from a massive train wreck. I really like the convenience of carri g around my iPad vs my computer. Thanks for your time.

This app is amazing I’ve ran it for major events with the Nu mark mixer and an iPad I’ve had since 2011, these events would last for days and the iPad and app would run fine, I have Spotify and iDjay2 apps and nothing more, recently it’s been crashing, and now the songs would take a good 30 seconds to a minute to load up from Spotify, normally the songs would instantly pop up, 5 - 6 songs in the app crashing and 80% of the time it’s while loading a song into the right side deck.
For back up right now we’re using just the Spotify app and playing music, but it would be nice if there’s a fix or simply an update for the app,
Another nice update would be adding a clear history button maybe the app can’t handle to many logs ???
For faster song load up, maybe after the update allow the app to connect with Spotify and properly sync all the song bpm,
Other wise I would like a refund for the app I own 2 sets of it on 2 iTunes accounts 1 for each business I have

Good day

i have a similar problem of experiencing crashes evertime i load djay 2, can u tell me what could be the problem, crash logs below, thank u