DJAY PRO and DJM S11 pre-listen tracks

Hello to all. I would like to know if with the DJAY PRO on mac and the DJM S11 mixer it is possible to pre-listen tracks from the software library in the mixer headphones, as for example Rekordbox does not support this functionality :frowning:

Hi @Igor_El_Cubanito_Lam,

Thanks for asking this question in our Community.

This really depends on the mixer that you’re using. Unfortunately, the DJM-S11 doesn’t have an extra channel exclusive for pre-cueing since pre-cueing is routed directly on the mixer’s internals for the decks that are playing. But for the library, this is different. As you can see in the external mixer mode settings (To open the audio settings on djay Pro AI for Mac, press and , there go to Devices), djay has an output channel just for pre-cueing, it should be empty. If you’d like you can set this pre-cueing channel to your Mac’s aux-output. Then connect some headphones to your Mac’s audio output to pre-cue directly from the library.

I hope this workaround helps you choose songs directly in the library. Let me know if you have any other questions about djay.

Cheers, G