DJay Pro and Now Playing Info

Does nowplaying.txt exist with DJay Pro for Mac? I want to use DJay Pro in conjunction with BUTT for broadcasting a weekly all (well, mostly) request shoutcast program, which also runs through the station’s twitch channel. At this point, I have to manually update the song info in a text file.

Really, this feature is the only thing keeping me from dropping the $50 on DJay Pro, as opposed to my current working yet somewhat cumbersome system.


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Ooh - likewise! I bought an upgrade thanks to an email from Alex at Algoriddim that said “yep, it’s there”, and … Um, oops.

I also need this info now that Nicecast has died. I need to get the now playing infor over to LadioCast.

I have found out/been told the location of the nowplaying file, but as it is inside the djay pro 2 package, I don’t seam to be able to access it via a script. (Network permission error)

Does anyone have a script or a way to get to the data for ladiocast ?

Could you tell me that location? I’m on the same boat, and I’m pretty sure you could just sudo it or something.

Hi Dvisic,

thank you for your idea.
I forwarded this to our development section. Thank you for pointing this out.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Lukas E.

Any update on this?  I could really use this functionality restored to the djay product line.