Djay Pro and Pioneer DDj SR Cue headphone volume!!!!

Djay Pro and Pioneer DDj SR Cue volume: Using the channel fader to control my Pioneer DDJ SR deck Cues does’t have any headphones sound, unless I bring the volume channel fader all the way to 80 or 100%. It was working find for the first few days after installing it, but know I am dissapointed because I can’t get fix. I did tried my Pioneer DDj SR channel fader with Serato and works perfectly fine. Any Pointers Please. Thank you. JC

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thank you for your mail.
Have you checked the digital Pre Cueing volume slider of djay Pro for the Mac, you can find it by clicking the Headphone icon in the top left corner.

Lukas E.

Hey there,

thank you for the follow up.
Have you checked if the digital Pre Cueing “Cue - Mix” setting is set to Cue?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for your email Lukas, Yes I did followed your suggestion and still no volume on my headphones, unless the volume channel fader is brought to the middle or to the top. By bringing the channel fader to the middle I get volume on my headphones, but if you bring it back to the lowest volume no volume at all. My headphone, pre-cueing and headphone master volumes has be brought to the top, while testing cue channel faders at the lowest volume, but no volume still. I did tried again with serato and it works find, so I assume it’s my djay pro setting that I need to fix.

So my setting is set as: Mixer Mode: Internal
Main-in output: Pioneer DDj Sr
Pre-cueing: Pioneer DDj Sr

Pre-cueing: Pioneer DDj Sr (full volume)

Thank you again and hope this explains the issue.

Hey guys I’m having the same problem with the headphone cue not working properly. Is there a fix or a setting I’m on aware of?

Im having the same problem cant listen to the next track im playing

I have been having this issue for a while. I get no volume on the “master” setting, but full volume on the “cue” so i cannot effectively mix tracks with my headphones because the cue volume completely overules the master.

Please help or fix this issue. I dont pay good money for this software for nothing.