Djay Pro and Pioneer Djm S9

I am in my 15 day trial period and would like to know if this will work with my pioneer djms9 mixer. I think this is a very good software with bright future. So i connected it and it prompted me to touch a knob, button or anything. So i went ahead to touch every single button or knob on my mixer. I have been able to pick external in the audio device setting. I chose Djm s9 for deck one and two. But the volume, fader and buttons do not control any part of the software but the sound goes into the mixer. I have a feeling i missed something at the beginning when i was setting this up.
I would appreciate if someone can help me out here. I would really love to buy this software.


Well, yeah, they wouldn’t work. They’re the internal mixing tools for when you’re in internal mixing mode (i.e. the software is mixing the audio and sending the mixed audio out over USB).

If you’re in external mixing mode, the software isn’t mixing the audio, it’s just sending the raw, unmixed audio to different channels on your mixer over USB so it can mix them. Those tools won’t do anything.

This might sound mean, and I really don’t intend it in a mean way, but I’m curious. That’s a really nice $1,700 mixer. How does someone who doesn’t know what internal and external mixing modes are end up with a $1,700 mixer?

@lexy thanks for your comment and pointers. Now if you would like to know. That is actually the cheapest equipment I have…

This might sound mean and I really don’t intend it in a mean way. But am curious.
Are you really Educated as you sound? #forum