Djay Pro and Spotify login issue

I m trying to login back to Spotify from Djay Pro on Mac. User/Pass working well on Spotify but I get a “cancel” message. Please advice.

No, I do login standard with username and password. From Iphone I can easily login to Spotify from Djay, however from Djay Pro I still get the “cancelled” message. I tried again, same result.

I have upgraded to Djay Pro 1.1.3. I m running Yosemite. Switched off all firewalls. After update I did not get a cancelled message for the first time, but a screen showing certain information the software will have access, but immediately after ok I got the cancelled message

I purchased once Djay for Mac and I had to repurchase Djay Pro mainly for the Spotify connection which is not working. I have all Djay Applications purchased and I was quite happy with all of them,including service until now.

and by the way, I can not even restore purchases!!!

Do you use your Facebook account for logging in to Spotify? If so, the problem should be solved by now.

Sorry for outage. Try it again!

how can i get membership cancel.

I use my Facebook to login and I am still seeing the “Log in Failed cancelled” message