Djay pro and WeGO3 audio cutting out

I’m using Djay pro on a mac air 11" with a pioneer DDJ WeGO3. My first 3 gigs have all ended up with the audio cutting out for no apparent reason. The software still remains responsive to the wego but with no audio. To fix, I have to switch the wego off, quit the software then switch the wego back on and reload the software. There is no obvious cause and the only pattern i’ve seen is it happens every 3 or so hours. Any help would be good!

Hi, same problem with djay subscription, wego4 and ipad 2018 128gb. Audio muted after 2 or 3 hours! Had to restart everything…

Hi there,

we are sorry to hear that. Can you tell us which year your Mac Book Air was released?

Lukas E.

Hi Jones Santiago,

it appears that you are dealing with a different device and application, therefore i would suggest that you can send us the follow up information via suuport@algoriddim, to keep a good thread structure.

Would be great to receive a mail with more details about the time it takes to produce the audio cut outs and some more info about your setup, are you working with an external controller?

Lukas E.

Hi Felipecamus,

Thank you for getting in touch. This thread seems outdated.

Could you pleases contact us right away via and attach a link to this thread.

We will help you right away.


Lukas E.

Me too. But I’m using Djay pro on an iPhone 7 Plus.

I’ll run my setup through more testing and gather as much info as I can so I start a new thread about it and send an email with all the details as well. It might be the speaker I’m using but honestly I don’t know for sure yet, since last gig the only thing I changed, besides going from an iPhone 5S to iPhone 7 Plus, was the app - I was using Djay 2 and bought Djay Pro to test it out. However, like I said, I’ll do some more testing before sending all info I can about it.