Djay PRO APP Crash when load a second video in IPAD AIR

What ́s the best video configuration to run on DJPro with IPAD AIR?
Because everytime i run a video, when i load the second one, the app crash and close.
That ́s terrible to me, because, it ́s in the middle of presentation.
I think it could be a video codec, or something like this.
I use Handbrake software with default ipad configuration (H264, 30FPS, 1280x720) to transcode the videos before transfer to ipad.
I really need your help.
Any suggestion about a transcoder software and best configurations.
Thanks in advance.

Ok, i will send that to you.
But do you have that video especifications?
And a video software transcoder that really work with djay pro and vjay (the same happens in VJAY)

Altough you didn ́t said the video configuration not even a video transcoder software to help us in that process. I made some tests.

There are videos that plays well in VJAY (that i ́ve already have) and they did not play at DJ Pro.

I Already have DJ e VJay APP, i bought DJ Pro to use just one program, but the software did not work.

If you at least help us with the appropriate video configurations, i think it will help us. but it appears that you don ́t know either.

Hey Map A,

we are very sorry to hear about your experience with djay Pro for the iPad.
Can you send us an exemplary video file which is causing the video mode to crash via

That would be very helpful.

Lukas E.

Having the same issue With both VJay and DJay Pro on iPad Air, Crash as soon as a second video loads up. Not happy at all I bought a Ddj WeGo4 and will be returning it and warning others not to purchase both apps.