DJay Pro Automix loaded tracks start playing immediately

With DJay Pro, Automix tracks start playing immediately as soon as they load rather than waiting for the last 30 seconds (or whatever setting you have in place) of the currently playing song. This defeats the purpose of automix as most of the song plays in the bakground, silent, until the currently playing song ends, and then it switches over and the song is in its last minute or so. Djay 2 never had this problem

This does not happen on every song, only on some. There seems to be no logic as to why it happens sometimes and not others.

For clarification as to how my app is set-up: under General-Settings - Play Immediately is set to OFF. Under Automix, I have shuffle OFF, STYLE = Standard, Duration = 30 seconds, Trigger before End = 30 seconds, and Auto-Sync BPM = ON.

Since I use this software to teach fitness classes, Automix is the most important feature for me. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how to stop it?

Yes, of course, this horrible problem has existed for many years even. I’ve been embarrassed in front of a large crowd several times exactly like this. But I noted yesterday that I could do one entire DJ set of three hours without it occurring even once! Maybe they’ve fixed it? I’m using 1.0.22 from sometime October 2018. To be continued…?

I have this problem with Djay Pro, too, I just discovered today. I don’t know what to do.

-Check your range % setting in the Tempo Slider under General.
-Either you increase to max 75% or reorganize your playlist such that the BPMs for the tracks doesn’t deviate from each other by too much a beat…
-Suggest that Keylock function are on for both decks.

My 2 cents worth:
-The Automix will function smoothly as per your settings in transition/duration entry only if the auto-sync for the BPMs i(decrease or increase ) is acheivable upon loading of the next playing track AND to be matched towards the current playing track.
So, the range % you set in the tempo slider will decide if auto sync can be done.
Eg :
–Deck A → 105 BPM (the loaded track to be play next )
–Deck B → 130 BPM (the current Track playing )
–Range % set :10 %
–Track in Deck A upon loaded, analyzed and auto-sync; change of it’s BPM to sync ( Increase) based on playing deck B 's BPM : 115 BPM
-Auto-sync in BPM failed SINCE Deck A can only auto sync at maximum of 10 % of its initial.
-At the mark of the last 30s of Deck B song, Deck A will still cross-over on your given setting but sounding unrefined due to mis-matched tempo. ( however , there are cases that the track does blend in together and happens usually if the outro or intro are not “crowded”

Hope it helps .

I always keep my BPM within 5. I play most music that has a BPM in the 126-130 range and have operate playlists for 134-138 faster trance.

The issue is not the inability to beat match (thought that was a big problem with DJay 2) - it is that as soon as the song loads, it does not wait for the last 30 seconds of the currently playing song to start, it just starts immediately.

The playlist in question that is doing this is 100% 128 BPM songs.